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Book Excerpts

Crucial Conversations

Author: Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler, Laura Roppe

  • Refocus on your motives - When someone completely disagrees with you on a hot issue, instead of losing temper, start by examining your motives. Ask yourself what you really want.
  • Do not vehemently defend yourself, save face, avoid embarrassment, win, be right or punish others
  • Our motives change when adrenaline kicks in
  • Start with your heart - although we are merely bystanders in life’s never ending stream of head on collisions, rarely are we completely innocent.
  • Work on yourself first - not only can you improve yourself, you are the only person you can change.
  • When people contribute to shared pool, they are committed to act.
  • Salute and stay mute - with superiors
  • Freeze your lover - with spouse. Giving cold shoulder

Invisible Influence

Author: Jonah Berger

  • Seeing people more frequently made people like them more
  • Words activate different ideas in people’s minds, which then spilled over to affect their perceptions of him. All without their awareness. All driven by the power of non conscious influence. Example?
  • Monkey see, money do: Even when the answer is clear, people still imitate others.

Manager’s Path

Author: Camille Fournier

  • Identify and communicate what each resource is accountable for, in 30, 90, 120 days
  • System uptime metrics - before and after open shift
  • Goal - QA Automation completion
  • Design standards
  • Performance standards
  • Performance reviews
    • Ask what are their goals
    • Read past reviews
    • What would you have done differently
    • Tell problems with solutions
  • Team members and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Promotion process - self and team?
  • Identify promotion-worthy stretch goals for team members

The 6 Critical Practices For Leading A Team

Author: Franklin Covey

  • 1. Develop a leader’s mindset
    • Mindset
      • Common Mindset: I am responsible for my results.
      • Effective Mindset: I am responsible for delivering results through other people.
    • The Power of Mindsets: See-Do-Get Cycle
      • The results we GET in our lives depend on what we DO. What we DO depends on how we SEE the world around us. If you want to change your results, begin by changing your mindsets.
      • SEE –> Mindsets
      • DO –> Practices
      • GET –> Results
  • 2. Hold regular 1-on-1s
    • Mindset
      • Common Mindset: I hold 1-on-1s to check on people’s progress.
      • Effective Mindset: I hold regular 1-on-1s to help people get and stay engaged.
  • 3. Set up your team to get results
    • Mindset
      • Common Mindset: I tell team members what to do and how to do it.
      • Effective Mindset: I help people get clear about the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ and support them in the ‘how’.
  • 4. Create a culture of feedback
    • Mindset
      • Common Mindset: I give feedback so I can fix people’s problems.
      • Effective Mindset: I give and seek feedback to elevate the entire team.
  • 5. Lead your team through change
    • Mindset
      • Common Mindset: I control and contain change for my team.
      • Effective Mindset: I champion change with my team.
  • 6. Manager your time and energy
    • Mindset
      • Common Mindset: I am too busy to take time for myself.
      • Effective Mindset: I must manage my time and energy to be an effective leader.

Leadership Books

  • Leader Shift by Maxwell
  • Everyone deserves a great manager by Scott Miller
  • Strength Finder